Follow up on the Bible Reading sermon

If you wanted to check out any of the resources mentioned in yesterday’s messge, click here to get to the audio, outline, and additional helps mentioned.

And let me add two additional encouraging words for you.

 First, if you miss a day, or two, or a week, DON’T QUIT.  As soon as you realize this and want to get back to it, start where you left off.  Don’t let guillt keep you away–that is Satan’s tool, not God’s, in this case.  I miss from time to time, and so does everybody else, I imagine.  If you don’t, then I want to learn from you–seriously!  Vacations and times when my schedule is not my own are especially hard on consistency.

 Second, if I didn’t mention this in your service–choose a version you want to read and find helpful to read.  For reading (not in-depth study) you can use the ESV, the NIV, the Message, the NLT, the NASB, the HCSB, the KJV, the NKJV–you name it, as long as it is a translation that seeks to be faithful to the meaning of the original text.  All these are translations–from very free (the Message) to very literal (the NASB).  After you get going at this, you may change versions if you are covering similar ground to have the Word speak in fresh ways to your heart.

 If you went to a Grace Group after the messge, then you know that one of the matters we hope to instill in our community groups is accountability.  Can I encourage you to have others who ask you how your reading is going?  It is a way fellow believers can encourage and exhort each other to keep it up.

 I’m praying for you all this week, that you will be reading and having God teach you this week!

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