Amazing Testimony from N. Korean student

Click on the link below to watch a 9 minute video that was one of the highlights of the Cape Town 2010 meetings, and a glimpse into the work of God in North Korea.

Truth :: Testimony from North Korea | 12 CITIES | 12 CONVERSATIONS.

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Links for Global Praying!

Alright, it’s been almost a week, and I’ve not gotten these links and information published yet.  But, here we go, finally!

For those looking for information concerning the persecuted church

Open Doors USA–founded by Brother Andrew, who was known as God’s Smuggler from his years of carrying Bibles behind the Iron Curtain.  And I would encourage you to read God’s Smuggler, Brother Andrew’s autobiography, too!  Open Doors has connections around the world and mobilizes Christians to help in situations of state persecution.

Voice of the Martyrs was started by Richard Wurmbrand, a Romanian pastor whose amazing story is told in his autobiography, Tortured for Christ (another great book to read).  This organization also keeps track of persecution, and provides opportunities to help the oppressed.

Operation World–by Jason Mandryk.  You can find various places online to buy this book, or get it from here.  Learn about missions and evangelism in every place around the world.  Pray for believers and workers everywhere.  It’s a big book, but it’s a big world to pray for!

Global Prayer Digest is a monthly prayer guide that highlights an unreached people group every day, and also tells of those seeking to reach these groups.  This is an eye-opening resource.

You don’t have to do everything, but let the Spirit of God guide you to do something!


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John MacArthur on the Potential Perils of Social Media

John MacArthur never wavers from examining current issues and offering a perspective informed by his lifelong study and pastoral concern, and social media’s popularity is one of the biggest. This article from his blog presents some thoughts worth considering. While not condemning, it is a cautionary note we should consider, especially our younger Christian brothers and sisters.

Click here.

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