It’s That Time of Year Again–Choosing Our Servant Leaders!

That would be another way of saying it is time for the members of Grace to take up their responsibility to select those men who will join our Deacons for a three-year term.  They will be replacing men who have served for three years and now step out of their official role to allow others to step in!

Our deacons, along with our pastors, are the biblical officers of the church, but they lead in two different ways.  Pastors (also called elders and bishops) devote themselves primarily to the ministry of the Word and leading/overseeing the congregation (see 1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1 for their qualifications and their specific responsibility as teaching leaders).   The deacons are primarily those who assist the pastors and the church by taking responsibility for the ministries of service.  The term “deacon”  meant “one who serves” and was the NT equivalent of  “table waiter” and the responsibilities carried by deacons are all related to serving the needs of the body by various means–skills, administrative gifts, and mercy being chief among them.

We’ve taught on this before, including the specific qualifications that must be present in a man to be considered for this task. You can find the material related to this on the church website here.

What makes this so important is that the quality and faithfulness of our leaders will determine the effectiveness of our fellowship.  That is why your prayerful consideration and nomination of candidates is vital to us.  Just as the first deacons where chosen by the congregation in Acts 6, we ask you to prayerfully choose men who are full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom that can be charged with this ministry.

A letter will soon be in the mail to all members describing this process more fully, and containing lists of the names of men who are eligible to be nominated.  Your nominations will be due back to the church offices no later than October 17.  I trust all members will be faithful in praying and choosing in accord with the Spirit’s direction.  If you don’t get the letter before the end of September, let the office know.

And if you are a regular attendee at Grace, but not yet a member, could I encourage you to make your decision to be a part of our fellowship official, so that you can be a part of these kinds of decisions and ministries with us?  Thanks!

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