Praying for Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler is pastor of The Village, in Highland Village, TX, and is my brother’s family’s pastor.  At 35, he has been used by God to grow their church, largely through the conversion of young people in their 20s, from around 200 to over 6,000 attending on three campuses.  The numbers aren’t the impressive thing to me (OK, maybe a little impressive, even though they are not really a big thing in God’s eyes).  What is so amazing is Matt’s unique ability and gift of sharing Gospel truth and doctrinal teaching with incredible clarity and in a way that has led many to walk with Jesus.  I’ve been blessed by the messages I’ve heard, both at the church and as I listen to his podcast

On Thanksgiving Day, Matt suffered a seizure, and this led to the discovery of a mass on the right frontal lobe of the brain.  Surgery followed, and while they removed most of the tumor, it was discovered to be malignant.  Treatment options are available, and Matt’s therapy to recover from the surgery continues along.  However, this is a hard piece of news for Matt’s family and the church.  

As I’ve come to expect, Matt’s own reactions, as recorded on the church’s website and following him on Twitter, are filled with trust in God, and his words of encouragement to his congregation before his surgery were powerful (That video can be seen here).  I’m not close to Matt, but he is a dear brother nonetheless. 

How should we pray?  Well, we pray for our deepest longings, and that should begin with God’s glory being made known throughout the world by means of this moment.  But beyond this, my prayers are tempered, even as they are fervent. 

I go on by asking God for physical healing for Matt (knowing that sometimes the greatest healing may be to be set free from the body, but that physical healing would bring great glory to God).  I pray for God’s comfort, grace, and peace to be poured out on Matt, his wife Lauren, and their three young children.  I pray for great wisdom, strength, and encouragement for them all, and for those close to them who are helping them through this.  I pray for very smart doctors and very powerful medicines and treatments to be successful.  I am asking God to give Matt many more years of ministry and faithfulness (even as I am aware that Hezekiah’s lengthened life in answer to prayer did not translate into unmixed blessing for his people).  Matt has a unique gift that I would pray more could experience.  But Matt would be the last to want greater attention at the expense of God’s greater glory.  I pray for the church, that God will use this time in their fellowship to deepen their faith and walk, and expand the reach of His love through them. 

As God brings it to mind, pray for Matt Chandler.

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