An encouragement as GraceKids Wednesdays begins

I spoke at C.U. chapel last week on the importance of doctrine, and mentioned that into the 19th century, Baptists used catechisms to train their children–books with doctrinal questions and answers to memorize, along with scripture proofs.  The first was by Baptist pastor Benjamin Keach in 1677. Charles Spurgeon developed one that was very popular in the mid 1800s. It stemmed from the Second London Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689.

This concern that children know what they believe continues to shape us at Grace. It is why GraceKids is such an important part of our ministry. It is why we use a strong, doctrinally driven curriculum for our children’s classes on Sundays, and why we have invested heavily in the new Awana materials for GraceKids Wednesday programs.

These efforts, however, will only bear fruit if they are taken as tools by parents. Using time at home to review and discuss these materials is essential if your children are to gain the necessary foundations upon which to build an adult understanding of their faith. At Grace, our GraceKids staff is doing their part–we count on parents and others involved in children’s lives to do theirs, too!

And if you would like to go further with your children, I commend to you John Piper’s revision of Keach’s Catechism, available here. It can be purchased in print form from Desiring God Ministries’ website.

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  1. Excellent instruction Pastor. Contemporary Baptists (christians) at times are not cognizant of church history and the solid foundations that parents laid under their children so that they would be prepared to make wise decisions as they began their journies out into life as young adults.

    Our children need to know what it True and Right and Beautiful so they may judge righteous judgment in an ungodly world and know how to respond to God as they become aware of the sin within their own hearts.

    Thank you for bold faithfulness….keep laying it on us…we need to struggle more.

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