You asked (well, some of you did), so I’ll answer!

That’s right, this Sunday evening we’ll have another of the famous, or near-famous, or infamous Q & A times with Pastor Craig. Already, a couple of really good questions have come in. Here are three I’m working on:

1. Did Jesus go to Hell after he died? The Apostle’s Creed says it, and doesn’t the Bible say he preached to people there?

2. We are supposed to love our neighbor, turn the other cheek, seek peace and pursue it. If this is the case, why are evangelical Christians in America so pro-military and pro-war?

3. The Jewish people are God’s chosen people. But does that mean we should always be pro-Israel, especially if Israel does things to Arab inhabitants of land it controls that we would consider evil? A good number of those Arabs are Christians, including evangelicals, who are our brothers in Christ. Should we support a government that persecutes Christians, if that government is Israel’s?

Those are pretty deep questions, and each has important practical ramifications.

Oh, and we also will do a short report on our most recent Israel trip, and let you know about the next opportunity we will offer.

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  1. Thanks especially for the answer to #1. Raised with Episcopal creed; like(d) Lion of Judah, but truth is better.

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