Advance 2009 Media and Photos

This link takes you to all the media available from the conference I attended last week, including all the general sessions. Enjoy!

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Some “take aways” from Allen Monroe’s presentation on Christians and the Economy

In no particular order, here were some thoughts from Dr. Monroe that I found helpful:

  • Politics and economics are inextricably bound together, and both flow from the religious values of a culture.  You cannot keep “religion” out of politics or economics, since religion is the expression of what people worship/ascribe the highest value.
  • God created man, and has dominion over man, and expects man to serve Him.  Man was created to have dominion over the rest of creation, and to direct creation toward serving man.
  • Basic principles of economics stem from the created order, which tells us of man’s dominion over the creation; and the fall, which brought scarcity through the curse placed on the earth, and the need for people to cooperate in producing goods.
  • The essential sinfulness of humanity after the Fall cannot be evaded in any realm of life, including economics.
  • Every God-ordained societal structure has a purpose and also a limitation on its authority.  This concept of “sphere authority” means that each structure may not usurp the roles of the others without damaging the other structures, itself, and society.  Government, for example, may not replace family or church, and some would say “community” as well.  There may be areas where spheres of authority overlap, but not to the point where one replaces the other.
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