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I am providing a link to the Pre-Trib Research Center Article Archive, as it is the best online resource for those who have been challenged to think about issues related to Christ’s coming, and may want a refresher course on some of the main tenets of the view you have espoused all your life.   I know that my purposes in preaching slowly through Mark 13 have not spent significant time on most of these issues (they are not the primary focus of the passage, as we have seen).  This site will satisfy any need to be reminded of the emphases of pretribulation rapture/premillennial teaching.  Enjoy (and note a few familiar names in the list of authors).

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When Is Jesus Coming? | CP Blog

I came across this article from the Christian, and think it has some helpful things to say about interpreting material in prophetic/apocalyptic passages. 

This isn’t a blanket endorsement!

It is an encouragement to read and consider what is suggested.  Follow the link below to see the article.

When Is Jesus Coming? | CP Blog

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John Piper: “What I Mean by Preaching”

This article captures some ideas concepts I believe in when it comes to preaching–and hopefully you will see that as you read. 

The article from the Desiring God blog is here.

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Good Vacationing

This is our ship, the Carnival Victory, and our cabin was a balcony cabin on the back of the ship--sweet!

This was our ship, the Carnival Victory, and our cabin was a balcony stateroom on the back of the ship--sweet!

So, did you miss me?  Since there are only a handful of people who check the blog, I doubt that it’s silence during my post-Easter rush up to vacation, followed by the vacation itself, left much of a hole in your lives. 

This year, Easter was followed by a lot of church “stuff” that needed attention as our schedule would soon shift to our “early summer” mode due to the end of the University’s school year the first weekend in May.  It’s tough to get used to talking about “summer” schedule in early May, but that’s the way it is in the ‘Ville.  We also had a wonderful, but busy season of visitors to our home–three weeks in a row’s worth.  And of course track meets to go to, and concerts, and. . . well, you are all busy, too.

This meant we were more than ready to depart on our 25th anniversary celebration cruise.  Kathy and I enjoy cruises for lots of reasons, but this one was a special time to remember 25 years of marriage (our actual anniversary is next month, but this was better for our schedule).  It was interesting that our dinner partners and one other couple we spent time with were both still nearly newlyweds.  We enjoyed sharing from our “wealth” of experience, and loved hearing how those married a shorter time talk about life and the choices ahead.

I know that not everyone gets to take cruises, or do big vacations.  We saved and planned for over a year for this one.  But I think that all of us need times like we just had–away from the “normal,” and unplugged from the urgency that technology creates.  A week of no cell phone, computer, internet, etc., was refreshing and relaxing.  Part of it was necessity (no cell reception in a volcanic crater on St. Lucia).  Part of it was choice (I’m too cheap to pay high cruise prices for WiFi and didn’t want to carry the computer).  Part of it was strategic (we wanted to concentrate on time with each other, time to read, time to pray, time to think, time to relax–and if you have been on a cruise, you know that time to eat is important, too).  I don’t want to make it sound like a spiritual pilgrimage, but the ability to slow down and have time for unrushed conversation allows that conversation to have a bit more substance to it.  Extended time for reflection and meditation helps reestablish perspective.  And of course one discovers that the rush of events you’ve left behind continue along just fine without you, and are more than ready to welcome you back.

As the season for “vacation” comes, I trust you will find ways to break away.  Leave the cell phone off.  Leave the computer behind.  Don’t fear times of silence, but see if there’s some still, small voice you’ve not been hearing too much of in the normal cacophany of life.

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