Charles H. Spurgeon and Eschatology

He was the “Prince of Preachers” in his day.  Almost single-handedly, he raised the profile of Baptist teaching and theology from the sidelines to the central courts of Protestant thinking in the English speaking world.  He has been widely acclaimed as one of the greatest evangelistic pastors of all time, one of the ten most influential writers in the English language, the heir of Puritan theology, among other accolades. 

Yet, Baptists in the America, especially the fundamentalists who love to quote him, have largely rejected the eschatology that he taught.  And they have embraced an eschatology that he found deficient. 

In the article, Charles H. Spurgeon and Eschatology, Dennis Swanson lays out a brief biography of Spurgeon, an overview of the main views on “end times” both now and as they were understood in Spurgeon’s day, and then proceeds to give detailed evidence of Spurgeon’s clear views on the subject.  They are not those that most U.S. Baptists would recognize today.

Further, the article demonstrates how people could hold various views on end times and not only respect each other, but work together, and sometimes worship within the same denomination and even local congregation. 

I commend this to those who want some edifying reading on the subject, especially as we embark on what may be a unique attempt to understand Jesus’ teaching on end times in light of what his hearers and Mark’s readers would have understood.

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