I just had a really good laugh…

…while reading Scot McKnight’s new book, The Blue Parakeet.  The book is about how to read the Bible, and I know I won’t like it all, but I like what I’ve read so far.

Anyway, his point in this section is that the Bible is a story, and must be read as a story for us to get its meaning.  He points to any number of ways that we short circuit the Bible’s story, and one of them is collections of favorite promises, or encouragements, just one after another, perhaps in a calendar.  Here’s where I laughed…

Random verses, with blessing on top of blessing or promise on top of promise.  (No one has yet composed a Wrath of God Calendar of Warnings, though some seem poised to begin making such a calendar).

I could just see it, turning each new page and hearing some dire pronouncement of judgment! 

His point, though, is telling.  If we treat the Bible as just a collection of promises to encourage me or blessings to expect, what happens when life turns very sour and stays that way?  Not so funny.

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