Follow Up on our “unChristian” Discussion

I want to thank everyone who came out last night in bad weather for our presentation and Q & A time.  For a first time to do our “Inside & Out” format, we had a very good time and I appreciated all the questions.  If you are interested in more information related to the book, make plans to attend Cedarville University’s inaugural “Critical Concern Series” Lecture on February 26 with Gabe Lyons, one of the co-authors of the book.  You can get information about the program here. 

To summarize the main “take aways” of the evening…

  • Perceptions matter, and the perceptions of people 35 and under outside the church about Christianity are significantly negative.
  • Even if the perceptions of outsiders are not accurate, we must be aware of them if we are going to seek to introduce people to a true understanding of Jesus and the gospel.
  • The church is mainly “known for what it is against, not who it is for.”
  • To change perceptions, we must change the way we speak to issues.  We discussed homosexuality as a particularly difficult issue to express our fidelity to biblical truth (which condemns homosexual behavior as sin) while interacting with those who practice the sin with love and the respect Jesus showed to sinners.
  • Locally, we must be aware of perceptions about us and our church that hinder people from considering us as a source of spiritual help, and find ways to lower those barriers.
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