Christmas Greetings

To all the GraceFamily, I send my love and prayers for Christmas joy to be yours.  You will gather tonight for the Christmas Eve service, and I trust it will be a time of reflection, thankfulness, and joy as Pastor Drew from CUPC preaches and the various musicians share and lead.

We will be attending a Christmas Eve service with my parents at their church, followed by a Miller family game night at my brother’s home.  This is our first Christmas Eve together in 6 years, and already our grandson (my parents’ first great grandchild) is proving to be a center of attention–sometimes by virtue of being so cute; other times by virtue of his protests!

I’ve been reading an excellent, short, and powerful book–I highly recommend it to you.  It is John Piper’s little treasure, entitled “Spectacular Sins” with the subtitle, “and their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ.”  You can get it here or read it online here.  It is a wonderful “theodicy”–an explanation of how God can allow/permit/ordain evil for His own glory.  You should read it!

When I finish I plan to read Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God”–a highly recommended apologetics volume that I’ve surveyed but not read.  You can get it here. Of course, I also have a fiction book if I need some diversion, and who knows if, with all of us around playing games, eating too much, and talking, I’ll get all the reading done I want to, but it’s good to have goals!

I hope your Christmas is as thoroughly Christ-centered as it can be, and that your joys will be tempered both by humility at realizing our undeservedness of all of our blessings, and by compassion and care for those of our family whose lives have been touched by hard sorrows in these days–I think specifically of the Matsons/Tarapchaks/Ecksteins, and of the Moon family (there may be others I’m not aware of, too). 

I love you all.  Merry Christmas!

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