An apology…

We just discovered today that the voter guide that was sitting on the table in the Welcome Center urged a no vote on Issue 5.  We did not take that position as a church.  Issue 5 caps what are called payday lenders from charging exorbitant interest rates to the poor who have no other place to cash checks or who need an advance on their paycheck.  Some see this as an infringement on private business; however, the prevalence of these institutions in the neighborhoods of the poor is one of a number of indicators that it is not a regular business practice, but one that targets those with few if any other options.  The Bible’s general disapproval of charging such interest rates would also discourage the practice.

I did not preview this guide, and I’m not sure  how it came to us, but it was placed for distribution.  I had not looked at it until after someone asked about it.  While it offered appropriate comparisons of candidates’ positions on issues, which are not endorsements, its urging of “no” votes on issues 5 and 6 were not approved by our leadership.  I personally have urged my friends to vote yes on issue 5, so that the law will continue to protect the poor against abuse,  and no on issue 6 to keep Ohio from changing its constitution to allow a casino to be built near Wilmington, bringing gambling near to home.

We will seek to exercise much better oversight of guides and literature made available from outside sources within the church in the future.  I apologize for not making sure it was totally reliable.

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