Where to listen to some good sermons…

All right, the answer to this question should be, “just go to church,” and I hope that it is, especially for all of the Grace family! But what I am sharing here are some of the links that I regularly use to listen to sermons that challenge me and encourage me. I don’t line up with every bit of theology of any of these preachers, but I learn and am strengthened by all of them. I use my IPod Nano and go to ITunes to find most of these (I subscribe to a number of them and get each new message downloaded. Someday I hope that our sermons will be available to you this way (HINT: if you know how to do this and would like to help us make this a reality, let me know!). You can also go to individual ministry sites to download MP3 files (as you do now at Grace’s website‘s message archive. 

If you use the web, you probably know that you can download Apple’s ITunes for free and use it for podcasts. Go to this link to download ITunes if you need it. Then, choose the podcast tab and find any of the following.


John Piper needs no introduction to most of you. His preaching is the source of much of his writing, and I like hearing him preach even more than listening to him write. On ITunes, look for Desiring God Audio. The ministry website is here.

Matt Chandler is Pastor of The Village Church in Highland Village, TX, where my brother’s family attends. He preaches in a unique and powerful style, and God has rapidly expanded the ministry of the Village (he would say in spite of the leadership). Doctrinally strong, relevant, and connecting to a young audience of many new believers and those seeking Christ, Matt is a young pastor who blesses me. His sermons, available through ITunes Podcast link (look for Village Church Sermon Audio podcast).

Ravi Zacharias is an apologist and speaker whose messages have taught me and encourage me when it comes to sharing the gospel and understanding theology.  Look him up on ITunes–his program is called “Let My People Think,” and his ministry website is here, and you can download audio there, if you need to.

Some of you will be put off by Mark Driscoll’s preaching. He is edgy, and uses humor, sarcasm and caustic wit in a way that makes me sound positively bland. He got saved in his late teens, doesn’t find church culture generally encouraging or powerful in terms of witness and growth, and has planted a church and birthed a ministry that is a conundrum to many–Reformed, evangelistic, non-traditional, and “in your face.” Yet God has brought hundreds to Himself under Mark’s preaching, and thousands more either to Himself or back to Himself through Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington. Find him on ITunes, or go to the church’s website and follow the links to the media library, where you can get audio and video downloads.

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  1. Well, you got 3 of my top 4. I never heard of Ravi….

    My only change would be to add in John Ortberg from Menlo Park Pres.

    I started out with MD at the top of my list, now MC is equal with him. Your brother is lucky to be able to sit under him weekly.

    Did you get a chance to see and hear Chandler and Driscoll at the Resurgence Conference? They were both excellent. Go to the resurgence website and d/l the video sermons.


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