A Hermeneutics Quiz

This quiz by Scot McKnight is meant to evaluate how you interpret the Bible. For those who may not know, hermeneutics is the subject that deals with the principles we use to interpret Scripture. Our church has historically subscribed to what is called a literal, grammatical, historical hermeneutic, which means we take the Bible literally when it should be seen as statements of reality and figuratively when figures of speech are used. We use normal rules of grammar, treating the Bible as we would other written literature. We also read it with reference to its historical context–for example, we don’t expect references to things that are not a part of the context of the readers and writers.

The quiz is by Scot McKnight, a professor at North Park University, and someone considered a spokesperson for a part of the Emergent movement, so don’t think I’m endorsing his stands, but I was intrigued by this quiz. I scored a 40, by the way, meaning I am a “Conservative.” Surprise!

The article describing this process was in Leadership Journal, and can be found online here.

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  1. I scored a 47. I guess that puts me just slightly to the left of you.


  2. I got a 45…maybe I have a weak stand on foot washing…

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