A Week of Prayer

In my “State of the Church” sermon, I shared that one of the priorities I hoped to promote in 2008 is finding new venues and ways for us to experience corporate prayer.  Current programs and practices are not wrong or deficient–but they are not currently mobilizing many of our members. 

One step we will take is to set aside specific times for specific prayer, seeking to follow biblical models found in both Old and New Testaments.  A first opportunity will be during the last week of February, when we will set aside times throughout the week to allow us to pray specifically for one big thing:  the salvation of people around us.

In Acts 12, the church gathered for one subject prayer meetings.  In that case, it was Peter’s deliverance from prison.  Short version of the outcome–it worked.  In Acts 4, they had already seen this, when they prayed for boldness in the face of opposition.  It had worked then, too.

There is certainly reason for us to gather to pray for lots of matters and concerns, and we are used to that.  Perhaps, though, we need to get used to persistence about one thing.  In trying to decide where to start, I thought about another of my concerns for us–that we need to see conversions in our midst.  Our baptisms most often reflect conversions that took place much earlier, and adult conversions especially have been rare of late.

Then, something happened.  We saw someone come to our offices a few weeks back and ask how to follow Christ.  Then we had a high school student profess faith in Christ.  And then another one.  Then the child of a newcomer to our church (who has yet to profess Christ) trusted the Lord in Awana.  That is four professions of faith in less than a month. 

We need to thank God for this, but I think He is also reminding us that He has more around us to save.  As he told Paul when they still were not saved, he may be telling us, “…I have many people in this city who are my people.”  All of us know unsaved people.  And all of us know that we can do more to encourage them toward Christ.  One of those actions is prayer on their behalf.  That is what we are going to do during the final week of February.

We will be posting a schedule of times throughout the week where someone will be available at the church to lead a 45 minute time of prayer.  We will gather, a list will be shared (and added to if need be), and we will pray.  No singing, no offerings, no message–just concerted prayer together for people, by name, who need the Lord.  We will pray for those we know and those we don’t.  We will pray for our church’s specific outreaches to some of these people.  We will pray for us to be aware of opportunities to speak to them and show the love of Christ to them.

Then, we will work, wait, and watch to see how God responds to the prayers we have prayed. 

Details will follow, but prepare your hearts now!

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