Reaching other nations without traveling…

I have a good friend named Dennis Baker who is always sending me good stuff to think about.  Here is his latest resource for me, that I now give to you…


Here’s a little excerpt from friend, Jay Bell’s newsletter…  He is Grace Brethren

 Recently we conducted our workshop (on reaching other cultures in America) in the Richmond, VA. Grace Brethren Church. The chairman of their Mission Commission is a police captain named Hal Moser. On the Monday after the workshop Hal routinely stopped by his favorite up-scale grocery story to get a cup of his favorite up-scale coffee. But this time he walked into the store with a different set of lenses. For the first time he saw an Asian working behind the sushi counter. Hal thought, “I wonder if the material Jay & Jan shared really works?” He decided to give it a try. He walked up to the sushi-maker, said good morning and asked the gentleman his name and where he was from. Hal learned his name was Win, and that he was from Burma and that he’s been in the U.S. for three years. Hal proceeded to ask Win if anyone had welcomed him to America. Win looked at him with a quizzical look on his face and said, “No! Not at all. No one.” Hal then reached his hand over the counter to shake Win’s hand and said, “Then that gives me the privilege to be the first to welcome you to the United States. Welcome Win.” And then Hal hurried off to work.
The next day Hal stopped to see Win and to get his coffee. Upon seeing Hal, Win walked around the sushi counter taking off his protective gloves. He grasped both of Hal’s hands and asked him to come to his home for dinner. Now that must have been quite a scene. Hal is about 6-2 and Win is short. Hal was in his uniform with captain bars on his collars and Win was in his apron.
The following week Hal and Shelly went to Win’s home. Over dinner Hal asked Win how many friends he has made in his three years in America. Win responded, “You are my best friend.”
Hal and Shelly are now off-and-running in a cross-cultural ministry with a Buddhist family from an unreached people group (Burmese) that is listed on the Joshua Project website as 0.07% Christian.
Reaching the unreached right at home. No plane fare necessary, no U.S. passport necessary, no inoculation shots necessary.
And this is just one story among a ton of others!

Blessings on you as you “cross the street” this week!

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  1. Great story. There is another component to missions and reaching the unreached that we are going to have to start taking seriously. The fact is that now there are thousands of indigenous believers in every part of the world. These men and women are closer in language and culture to the people that have yet to be reached. There are multitudes that are ready and willing to go and preach the gospel to these unreached people. They can be supported for a fraction of what it would take to send a Western believer across the globe. Check out ministries like Christian Aid. It has been around for over 50 years and has had the support of men like Billy Graham, Dawson Trotman and Donald Grey Barnhouse. Their web site is Their main office is in Charlottesville VA so your friend in Richmond ought to stop in some time. Ask for Lucy or Axel and have him tell them Steve Hanchett sent them by. He will get a tour, and some great info on the work they are doing. God bless.

  2. Steve–thanks for the comment. We (at Grace) are actively involved with Indigenous Ministries International and Closed Door Ministries, both of which create strategic partnerships with indigenous believers. Another great organization in this realm is Gospel for Asia.

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