Why We Aren’t Supporting Mission Agencies

A number of concerned supporters of missions just noticed that beginning with this year’s budget we changed our support structure–specifically moving monies from home office general funds to either the “new support” line or missionaries supported by those agencies.  We announced this last year, and the new budget was designed this way, but for whatever reason it apparently was not understood by all.  The question, of course, is “why?”

The short answer is one of priorities.  Missionary support is a higher priority for us than agency support.  We do give to a number of agencies whose work is as an agency (Shepherds, Baptist Childrens Home, etc.).  Limited resources force us to make uncomfortable decisions.  Current missionaries are still undersupported and our ability to take on new missionaries is very limited, even though new ones are on the horizon.  Home offices of all missionaries we support require their personnel to raise a percentage of support to be given to the home office, so some of our missionary support does go to them.  We also have responded to home office special needs during this year. 

This, however, is not something we are happy about.  We had to decide where to free up money that could go to new missionaries who were doing work in line with our newly minted strategy, and could help missionaries facing significant deficits.

This temporary situation will continue until we are able to increase our missions budget to the 20% of budget that was targeted many years ago as the ideal for our church.  We also will not automatically restore all agencies, but will choose to support those that are in line with our vision and committed to true partnership with local churches in sending missionaries.  Some agencies say they are committed to partnership, but in their practices they exclude local churches from any significant role in making decisions.  Just as we evaluate missionaries and fields, we will evaluate agencies.

So, please be patient, and know that generous giving makes a difference in lots of ways, including how much becomes available for missions and missions agencies.

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